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Product Description

Diachronic is a new virtual instrument that works on speed variation, allowing real time sound manipulations on audio loops always keeping their default measure.

Diachronic 1.0 and 2.0 require Ableton Live and the tool kit “Max for Live”.

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The Diachronic instrument 2.0


Diachronic works both on positive and negative spin, so you can tune sounds and break rhythms in your free space of improvisation, always keeping the same default duration of your loop. In that way Diachronic allows to use loops as a liquid sonic matter, no more as fixed frozen blocks.

Diachronic is an instrument both for studio and live performance, useful for sound research and playful to looking for your own experimental touch that will bring your music exclusive. Edit the loop you prefer on the fly by designing its instant speed, change the offset looking for a new balance, save what fits for you, and start to compose your track in Ableton Live.

By turning SLICES ON and OFF you could carve your loop managing cut off, dry and variable speed differently for each slice. With Diachronic you will be able to playing around dub, swing, phase, glitch and scratch, or maybe expressing something new you will be able to create!

By the OUTS from 1 to 4 you can drive inner Live sounds, then using channels form 5 to 8 you can send Diachronic modulation to external devices via MIDI cc.You can launch Diachronic in numerous channels in Ableton Live and control the session from an external MIDI device.


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