At the center of Dadub’s SA020 lie the myths of the ancient Greek goddess Demeter – her search for daughter Persephone, the drink at the Eleusinian Mysteries ceremonies in her honour, and the fungus which gave the drink its psychoactive properties.
The opening track is ‘Mistresses March’, a thumping narrative of Demeter’s search for her abducted daughter Persephone. At the fundament lies a test of a new generation VST – ‘Diachronic’ – which is used to manage audio samples. The textures which merge during the near 12-minute march scrape and plummet, raining down upon the ominous marching band beat. This is an odyssey, unhappy and unflinching.
Based on the handmade modular synth system from Nicola Buono and Lino Monaco, the representation of ceremony drink ‘Kykeon’ is on one hand a flowing narrative and on the other a demonstration of intense artistic scrutiny: a perfect, unremitting thud. There is, at five minutes, a subtle key pattern, light but not impermanent under the cacophony of chaos. This is indicative of the ceaseless self-examination. Little details, significant differences.
Powered by a sound and groove generator invented by Daniele de Santis (Grün), ‘Ergot Kernel’ is a chemical cauldron. It’s a beat continuously emerging from the undergrowth; an imperious column rising; a train ploughing on, coursing through an arid landscape. Conversely, the atmosphere is bright, full of electricity and warmth, with moisture descending.
Dadub’s SA020 is a journey through a Greek myth, with textural magnificence and technological innovation.


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